policies · 14. February 2020
14 February is an important final date, which concludes the BEULED commitment to climate adaptation and pledge for a sustainable planet.

sdg11 · 13. February 2020
MICS supports the 2020 WRD edition - focusing on radio’s responsibility as “a platform for democratic discourse"

sdg3 · 30. January 2020
Marcharh R19 Initiative pledged to support the campaign for World Neglected Tropical Disease Day - learning different best healthcare practices to the mobilization of #sdg3 beginning 30 January 2020

13. January 2020
In order to ensure sustainability and science are well integrated into the core of Marcharh's mission, the Marcharh 2020 lineup events is specially design to grow with the MICS journey. Inspired leaders to new members invested in science and even more education, must be willing to evolve, and take charge in some of the most exciting and dynamic tasks - marcharh board.

wsd4pd · 23. December 2019
Updates to 2020

wsd4pd · 07. November 2019
WSD4PD attends to the GenevaPeaceWeek important discussions and finalize stakeholder meeting.

23. September 2019
Marcharh works through more focus and directed management for mental health management, leadership, and wellbeing. The traditional and contemporary approaches for GP consultations or mental health institutions is not the solid ground or support recommended. Follow with our upcoming evidence-based cases for universal access to good practices.

sdg4 · 19. August 2019
Since year 2017: Marcharh adopts the research recommendations and implementation research by Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

08. August 2019
Marcharh Launch a Transformation of Pedagogy and Wellbeing Reflections to better support the world population, and in coordination to Marcharh earlier activities chartered with our SDG(s) priorities.

04. August 2019
Marcharh Activities and completed projects (regularly updated) covers a range of both sustainability and scientific action lines: Environment Systems. Advance Technology and Research. Global Resource and the Processes. Policy and the Settlements for Services, and Data Participation. Empowerment, Social-network access, and Well-being Management. MICS make decisions and active research on a regular occasion at several economic sectors. Lead researchers make close collaboration with external...

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