MICS preaches a policy and scientific activities for continuous improvement for society and inclusive citizens.
Where ethics are consistently challenged, and interest(s) of decision makers are conflicting to our themes of SDG(s):

At times; there is no guarantee that
 high standards of scientific activities, research, or public services can be up to par to today's "business world". MICS hence is an uncanny business. MICS, is an active agent and content provider for a long time, standing supporting other agent contributions. This delivered preach, is one of our true accounts of what we do together with society and institutions at the same time - for each individual (to the best as possible). 

M-ICS member: We recap exactly +365 days (MARCH 2018), from a INFER debate session hosted at the BUCHAREST university of economic studies - where attendees have put forward to how education roles and European financial trading markets can by effected ex post Brexit. Now, our opinions might differ - and actually we can see more room for growth in the markets, and still much more to do to revitalize any oppression of benefits. 

Sustainability Student ambassador: let 'energy' speak, AND THE TERM BREXIT -- CAN FREE US FROM THIS NEGATIVE PROPAGANDA.

I think when people now start to gather at such events: we can look at each other, and really... just smile. We are all here for the right reason.





Group policy



Through the m-light sharing activities in broad sustainability themes, Marcharh and MICS publicly commits itself as content channel provider to ensure that public citizen have access to new events, and are able to consult high experts encouraged by excellence in all sustainability activities, and making sure interested stakeholders go beyond participation. Our group policy and content partner with MICS facility puts in practice a "group policy" with applicable laws and regulations by management approaches which embodies the principles of risk management and code of ethics for the common good. 


The Association therefore works to the full extent of its powers as a decision maker that even the relevant organizations or cited agencies where MICS has a minority participation, or commonly adopted during official matters -- have a collective responsibility to share and deliver the unique set objectives that defines the org. 



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