"Agent should see offers and notice wisely of our calls from different vantage points. As well as to only use our contents from more useful directions - an opposition to friendship and collective sharing is an unwelcome place. MICS is empathetic to outside furtive plans, but -- we emphasize to reflect kindly to what we have succeeded with our past and recent activities. To reflect that the application and transition of SDG(s) together with science is a knowing process -- and have long wanted us to be someone we thought we are, and to serve a common purpose that the community benefits from these SDG(s). I see no absurdity in honest action and more kind sharing to take place. Aside from our partners -- Personally, I want to "connect" (aka. to date) to credit the potential of our members and even our active agents more

22 - 25 APRIL 2019                                                        - annual meeting & immediate auditing                                                               MICS review agents

Since 2016, varied calls and opportunities has been set in place for selective agents (including supernumerary) and nominated agents.


This week 22-25 April 2019, MICS review the entire performance of agents and perform the highest criteria (strict) audit provides for critical evaluation to decide the final deserving merit -- and dedication of the agent. 

Audited agent fitness will also consider recent and future initiatives. 

During this date - an agent can choose to prove potential and a transformation in interest or dedication; which will be also included in the benchmark of the audit process. 

Renewal is not confirmed for these agents -- as of now, between 22-25 April, MICS and Marcharh entity will strengthen the selection of key agents and want to ensure that our activities and partners can function in a more cohesive and effective manner. 

MICS provided free contents and free keypoints to attendees of recent workshops and meetings since 2016 - April 2019. 

"To our long records: we have never ever left out anyone, and will be always giving to support and voice up for our mutual stakeholders. Even the new inbounds that shows dedication to this pathway. Have or will our supernumerary agents play a positive role? We are auditing again". 

Headline 1

Our recent feedbacks and discussions after several activities stimulated better development to support network of areas at our working themes. The board members obtained fractional imitations by other counter-parties. The organization periodic meetings and papers presentation are consolidated, making sure we are meeting the objectives of our projects and stakeholders. Agents are given a freewill and choice, to perform duties and consolidate own efforts - at any stage until the completion of this audit process. Any new decisions to take place of the outcome and attempt for change of outcome will be independent to the current priority of securing more accountable and valid agents existing to service, and to commit fully (even in the case, a challenging or demanding period can arise).  




Headline 2

If alternative institution activities and new programs are launched, the exchanging of experiences and providing contact between communities and parties within the general public shall be cited (preferably).

Lack of ethical conduct and ‘the imitation act’ has a more detriment damage to both stakeholders and safety of society. Contact avoidance and to copying activities, copying initiatives, and imitating programs, which happens in a distributed mode across partnerships – becomes an alert for improvement process. Partners will inform and be inform of actions to any sensitization of imitations or malicious act on the entire entity, and when symbolic unassuming affairs is found. 

For a long period, members of MICS are open and also inclusive to the privacy of knowledge and information dissemination. When this happens, the counter-party and delegation is off high similar expectation to maintain the quality and attributes of work force. When a breach of conduct and data has been informed to non-proprietary and external stakeholders; and especially, with evidence of receipts - the breach of ethical working code becomes a final straw and adding benchmark -- to the agent fitness, and actual dedication. 



Counterparties should undertake new transition in the field of their interest, and initially served us well as we served well similarly, and on the basis for providing to the society and to the wider community. There is now well beyond the point that adverse covert mail reference and covert systems of media marketing indicated a distraction, with a consciousness for more accountability - and putting in place our code of ethics policy in the next term. It is time to undertake the fair transition from all areas of sustainability, based on the mass of resources. We also take note of the security to architect industrial activities or projects in sustainable systems - which MICS has set in place and performed. If parties are interested in the themes and activities that have been set in place for desirable opportunities – such as parties, investors, and ‘caliber’ candidates have the chance to communicate with the Marcharh entity. Chances have been given many times. Services and activities that deem attractive to our visitors, spectators, content users, sustainability agents, and replicable is noticeable. Finally, owning up to mistakes and fixing problems as responsible individuals - is one value that testifies the credibility of the accomplishments of these observed agents; which MICS is capable to forward and testify a suitable outcome.