Marcharh Non-profit Organization operates through an international association in support of the initiatives and projects orientated towards sustainable solutions.

Marcharh Non-profit fosters unity between different skilled parties working towards a common
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) cause. 


Marcharh Non-profit Association (MNA) shapes and advance an international culture of our mission and vision framed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) causes.

Marcharh Non-profit Association (MNA) and Marcharh Initiatives operates at challenging periods, with an objective that time is always available for the establishment of an international peaceful scientific space,  safety and a harmonious organization during the sustainable development transition. MNA through its members, actively participates at sustainable interventions, and advocates initiatives strongly serving for the establishment of a peaceful innovation through science, technology, and during the changing periods regarding to SDG initiatives. Strategies of any kind whether by legislation, changing socio-economic paradigms or institutional forces, MNA is one of the only non-profit association inclusively responding to unformidable events and requests requiring immediate mobilization.
Both private and public efforts made at several phases of initiatives orientated towards a common values of 'sustainability', and its developments are recognised by the members associated to Marcharh Non-profit Organization Ltd. The MNA works harmoniously in a dynamic environment, from the sets of interventions and through a cause-sharing commune.


  Values of our workspace and some initiatives: 


Marcharh Organization Projects and Non-profit Association participatory membership is open to anyone* having both a professional and genuine interest in SDG initiative and peaceful science. Members can be individual, universities, corporations of any kind, private and public agencies including entities, institutions, and especially non-profit associations (wherein Marcharh Ltd and its department activities currently function at a non-profit structure).  







*As of 12th June 2018      : specific conditions has been considered to the recruitment and availability (although for anyone- where limitations by exitence of 'certain case-by-case' may still exist).
  As of 23rd August 2018: a conclusive Terms and Conditions has been applied for 'exclusive cases' with great uncertainty effects. This T&C can be very 'sensitive' to the overall membership process  and recruitment. 
(decisions and considerations are dependent of the effect of the profile and specific case- (e.g. cases of complicated profiles with conflicting interest or notable criminal records), the case-
                                               by-case decisions will be proportionally adjusted to the effects of internal adjustments when a 'unordinary' scenario can occur. This T&C serves to maintain the alignment

                                               of objectives defined by Marcharh Non-profit Ltd. 













                                                                                                                  MONTHLY VISITOR DROP-BOX

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Here, you are free to send us your testimonials, feedbacks, and comments on any areas! If you had receive and witness any presentations of our members initiatives, we also welcome your message of recommendations and especially expressing your concerns or sharing that will be useful for discussions and serving to all stakeholders. MNA and Marcharh Organization Non-profit Ltd appreciates your visit.