People  Around  the  World  are getting more concern about the way businesses and  social  services  are turning out.

Connected  by  Compassion Cooperation in the periods of Sustainability

- distancing space, forward, and compassionate -

*Marcharh and any agents has not demanded, make a request, perform a particular "help out-cry", to any person or institute & agency.
* Any worker or board member affiliated to Marcharh has never demanded any particular assistance (without formal approval) from/with

   - any  
particular agencies (globally)
   - any companies (eg. energy companies, energy authorities), etc. 
   - any institute (eg. academy or etc.)
  -  any ordinary "fan", or "citizen" trying to act on behalf of Marcharh whether via any media communication or mobile calls.

* Since the Covid 19, citizens and also social media engineers have been found to be accessing data (illegally) and also causing more misunderstanding with the wrong reference to "Marcharh".

* Request from any: 
- American
- Austrian calls / Austrian energy network firms (all unapproved and not affiliated to Marcharh)
- Indians (any authority, academic or legal persona that was not approved)
- Brits  (any figure which was not instructed by anyone at Marcharh or affiliated to Marcharh)
- Asians (any figure which has zero connection to Marcharh, and has no right to act on behalf or request 3rd party help)

Unknown help and unknown
"wanting to assist" because of an unknown case (or a fake distress case). Social media administrator/engineers breaching data of Marcharh and Marcharh partners are also considered to be punish -
Any citizen acting on behalf of Marcharh Ltd,
or on behalf of board members (for self interest)

are not a permitted practice, and if it is identified the person must be reported immediately to:


‘‘How can the recent sustainability vision continue to inspire a sustainable innovation, to be made via knowledge, and via science that makes sense? -

Making sense
of sustainability vision"