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BEULED is one of the first behavioral driven cause, of where members have communicated a solid intention to adopt solutions addressing the climate change agenda, communicating proper to ethical science, and sharing services of technology and knowledge networks focusing in varied themes. The BEULED is one concluded R19 outcome, released today with a strengthening of three pledges by Marcharh Initiative Center for Sustainable Solutions:

MICS is receptive to operating vendors (and business areas), and the implementation of policies for a free zone (banning) of conventional plastics made straw. 

MICS is committed to building a more sustainable campus for our students and future academicians. As an initiative institution, we believe:

1. It is MICS responsibility to lead by example in the fight against climate change.
2. The world is already feeling the effects of climate change and Marcharh continues to act now.
3. World food systems are responsible for a significant portion of human-made greenhouse gas emissions.
4. As part of building a brighter future, Marcharh agrees with the 20/20 pledge to ensure that sustainable food is affordable
     and accessible to all of our students, academicians, and agents of knowledge. 
5. The world agents can reduce our carbon “foodprint” through a reduction in food waste and incorporating more plant-based
    foods in our campus menus.

Therefore, in honor of Earth Day 2020 Marcharh Initiative R Trial Campus pledges to:

1. Develop a plan within one year of signing to reduce food waste by 20% and replace 20% of animal products with plant-based
2. Reduce food waste by 20% and replace 20% of animal products with plant-based foods by 2025.
3. Within one year of the implementation start date, and every year thereafter, complete an annual evaluation of progress.

MICS support to become part of the ambitious movement working towards zero net emissions by 2050 and more importantly keeping global temperature rise to under two degrees.



Beuled and Commitments: 
BEULED can engage with nonprofit organizations, clients, financial institutions, multilateral organizations, and interested stakeholders to help advance mutual sustainability efforts. These relationships enable both-sides to drive improved communication performance and adhere to the agreed world mission (ie. UN75 ) and also supporting your very own sustainability opportunities. 

sustainability science for the future
sustainable science broadens the horizons of the now, solving problems in science, solving problems in sustainability.

          alternative contact: marcharhcentre@gmail.com

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