2019 MSM - debrief

We are updating Marcharh Online Operations of Most Initiatives to improve :

1. comprehension of the My Science Message submissions 
2. amelioration of the My Science Message (unforeseen removal at RG - yet, with more than 23 +recommendations!) 

3. formation of new repository (besides RG) and typical publication networks.
    MSM will be negotiated for a distributed platform, allowing organization of content by sub-communities and more 
    reliable management, and to ensure preservation of digital material concerning science. 

The MSM is now in process for a customizable workflow and adhering to OAI-PMH Protocol (Open Access Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting). These fulfilment is subject to the further mandate of the MICS funders and main foundation contributing to MSM. 

This update does not change other activities for Marcharh Ltd and the Initiative Policy.

Before 2020, Marcharh Initiative provided a summary of key changes here, serving the general citizen:

Terms that are comprehendible (at least by education experts and scientific experts). Additions of useful features to help users and visitors navigate to other activities, recommended initiatives, partners, agencies, institutions, and better understand each activities. 

Expanded commitments to update you about changes that may affect you, such as service updates or future changes to the Initiatives;

Better alignment between Marcharh Initiative Centre for Sustainable Solutions (MICS) and how the remaining investments of all kinds (including human effort) will have an impact to MICS, and after identifying poor reports of 
activities which was jeopardised. 
The new improvements and updates will take effect on by 23 December, 2019; an additional step forward even in the final year end 2019, making sure that visitors, readers, customers, and interested stakeholders can gain the best service and best information. 
Thank you for having followed and participated at MSM, as well as contributing to MSM. 
The MSM is improved after taking considerate feedbacks from the 2019 STEM Challenge
in part related to Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), about ways in "giving to science" concept and suggestion.

In conclusion, the MSM finalizes with the refreshment and acceptance to proposal put forward at W20 - Japan.  ; regarding having a side-by-side support in Science and its Linkages for people growth, fair economy, and for sustainable development.


          alternative contact: marcharhcentre@gmail.com

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