Past Summer 2019

Marcharh Activities and completed projects (regularly updated) covers a range of both sustainability and scientific action lines: 


  • Environment Systems.
  • Advance Technology and Research.
  • Global Resource and the Processes. 
  • Policy and the Settlements for Services, and Data Participation.
  • Empowerment, Social-network access, and Well-being Management.


MICS make decisions and active research on a regular occasion at several economic sectors.
Lead researchers make close collaboration with external scientific network and events that outlay fitting sustainable development goals. 



                                                          Recent collaborative Actions of MICS in the light of
                                                        Sustainability, Science, and the Research Education:



European Elections Advocacy  (Citizen's engagement, Governance, Access to Justice)
Marcharh members stirs important citizen actions and citizen volunteerism in very current agendas -- such as BREXIT impacts, ascending social welfare debates, climate change advocacy, and experimenting different advocacy modes (voting platforms). The EU political agenda, in the times of BREXIT effects, make a more justifiable participation and important reach out actions from a general citizen perspective. General public/families, local/regional authorities, business sectors, and the press/media is highly advocated and supported during this time. 



 Green Symposium Online (Training and Education with EU Green Week)
"GSO" allowed consolidation of insights with a quick series of virtual presentations. 
A team of volunteering investigators shared multi-case studies in a educational science format and giving initial results to challenge the themes formatted in GSO.


 My Science Message (Consolidation of perspectives and the transformation change)
My Science Message embarked on a new transformation drive to educate science, sustainability, and the citizen perspectives globally. MSM contribution includes cases to where gaps seen in sustainable development goals, and daily socio-economic mobilisation are intercepting with the market changes and barriers in different key behavioural areas either driven by policies, human as instruments, and initiatives in the widest sense of both academic facilities and community-based struggles.



ADAS20 and lessons from contributions (stakeholders, students, orientations)

ADAS20 offers our stakeholders and agents of technology or new researchers to get acquainted with the ADAS20 datas method and get inspired by the roots of our data research and easy access programming tools. ADAS20 have contributed to the presentation of MICS project research, urban planning studies, and more advanced economic practices.



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