MSM -                                          My Science Message

My Science Message (MSM) is an open window for all actors and stakeholders in the area of science and technology,
not limited to business and arts sciences. 

While celebrating our annual 2018 T1:SPD activities, the MSM platform is to enable a 'reality' archive of global message that should be discussed at institutional level. 

Our aim is to identify similar parameters of concerns and common values by the public community (as a whole).
MSM as part of the initiative by Marcharh ICS (MICS) is a dedicated effort to acknowledge the concerns and messages of those who has worked and involved in scientific activities or initiatives in any working field streams.

MSM provides for two core mission in fostering values from a global society at: 

    1 . Peace development as part of sustainable communities and sustainable planet. 

    2. Equality and quality of life for all living beings on earth. 


Pre-emptive Notes for Authors


Upcoming (and earliest) actions to extend the MSM author concern and values

World Energy Summit 2019       (due  submission 10 Jan 2019)

Regulation for submission

Messages acknowledged must adhere to:
1. meeting the one and/or two core mission aims.

2. standard professional writing with precision of expressing

    authors' intention (such as IELTS - level trained). Impolite 
    words or threat statements are not accepted. 

3. unclear and disorientated motives not accepted. 

4. only 1 MSM entree per author.

5. group authors and associations or entities are allowed

    for 1 single entree. 

6. maximum word limit: 1800 words


Feedback on submission and benefits

Author will receive credible acknowledgement extended by the MICS committee and the established receiving-end party whom chooses to further appreciate the author's concern, values, and initiatives. 

From the author's science message touching issues on answering what, how and why :
    - peace development matters from sciences 

    - equality and quality of life as an urgent agenda 

Author benefits from the identified parameters ranging from economic prosperity, social development, safe environment, healthy welfare, strong institutions, and others (as widely framed in the context of Sustainable Development Goals). 

Author receives a special column for the next edition of MSM



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Suggested Template    (written in 11-font size Calibri Text)

MSM Title: 

Author / Affliation Name: 

Author / Affliation Address, E-mail, and Contact:
MSM Content (spaced and some-bullet points permitted)

Attached image or illustration: Figure 1 - title 


MSM template (1800 words max.)
Author(s) must email completed MSM contents as formatted in this suggested template. This template is protected by common license of distribution in MICS, and is not for distribution or publication purpose by any party. Neither, the template is a formal affliation and approval to the author's proposal and author's work.
The author's MSM initiative must be emailed to -
A confirmation email and contact will be communicated to confirm the submission. If no confirmation is received, author must make effort for a contact at
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direct submission:

or enquiries: questions are also welcome to comment at the log book available above.


"The peaceful science of today and tomorrow is a peaceful cohesive act beginning from one, to another, and being shared with those who choose to do what is possible" - MSM 2018


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Here, you are free to send us your testimonials, feedbacks, and comments on any areas! If you had receive and witness any presentations of our members initiatives, we also welcome your message of recommendations and especially expressing your concerns or sharing that will be useful for discussions and serving to all stakeholders. MNA and Marcharh Organization Non-profit Ltd appreciates your visit.