MSM - My Science Message

My Science Message (MSM) is an open window for all actors and stakeholders in the area of science and technology,
not limited to business and arts sciences. 

Established from our 2018 T1:SPD initiative - this MSM platform is to enable a 'reality' archive of global message that should be discussed at institutional level. 

Our aim is to identify similar parameters of concerns and common values by the public community (as a whole). 
MSM provides for two core mission in fostering values from a global society at: 

    1 . Peace development as part of sustainable communities and sustainable planet. 

    2. Equality and quality of life for all living beings on earth. 


Pre-emptive Theme Guide for Professional Authors and Call of Contribution of Discussions, Whitepapers, and MSM inputs:

The Future of Transitions: Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Consumption”

Assessing sustainability discourses (any)

Assessing integrated sustainability-driven (any scope)  for  models and creating an aiding tool for sustainability, for climate change solutions, for smart strategies.

Interdependence perspective in sustainability systems, in energy systems, in environment systems.

From a Knowledge Society to the Decarbonization of the Economy

Wellbeing Management and Interactions with 
Professionals in the Global Market

email your writing to :

and will be known.

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    Madyson (Friday, 10 July 2020 01:39)

    I spit out a thing that looked like a brain I usually just swallow them but can you tell me what it is?

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    Aydan Croft (Tuesday, 12 May 2020 19:39)

    I love everything about life, and I believe that what you do and what you say will help you be better. To achieve joy’s greatest advantage, to achieve success is also the motivation of that best path that drives the most efforts of you! Our goal, we hope has been clear, was not to hurt. We have wanted guidance from humans to encourage more innovation, from developers to human beings in every step, no regrets being a toolkit. However, as humans go our day in a life that cannot always follow their dreams, these days feel less alone for joy that our work has created an adventure than can anyone but ourselves achieve. This is why I believe that everyone and everything should be able to love themselves as much as they love others and create things together that will pull us closer and closer to the future. If this planet is able to create things that billions of people cant even fathom such as things from reanimation to universal teleportation. Or when I get out from understanding and can understand where there should not really be anything yet that does what, I feel more and less perplexed (and scared in fear the joy in some of this is not what is real or just happening) the joy of creation must take place.

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    Elijah krinock (Thursday, 17 October 2019 05:10)

    I don’t know if this is real or not, but I have a memory of life before existing. It was completely black. I can just remember the “Feelings” I had while in this darkness. I remember it so vividly. I’ve always thought I was just imagining myself doing it, but it felt so real. To real to not be real. I’m only 14 and I have a lot of questions, but I just wanna know if this is normal or not. If I can Truly remember before existence. I will be one special person

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