the Xtra.

 You had arrived to an opportunity to receive the experience of our initiative- extended by our recent experiences of our external communications and actions outside Marcharh's main projects initiatives umbrella. This extra contribution however remains to be a sub-set role serving the objectives of Marcharh, and is a reflection on the strategy for X-NITIATIVES.

Consulting and Review  (CAR)

External Counsulting and Review Committee of Experts familiar with analytical frameworks and advisory at general issues relevant to investigation of proposals, initiatives discussion (formal and informal formats) to Research and Development (R&D) phases that requires external review and/or urgent communication through (CAR) to address complex cases where information or networks may be a constraint.
Non-Profit Initiative (CAR) provides for individuals inquiring for matters in research and development initiatives (for instance), and specific areas concerning the achievement of objectives contributing to SDG. The experts and advisors from (CAR) can range from different branches of sciences and technology, industrial background, including expertise in civil and public management areas (where experiences and applied cases becomes the best mode to attend to requests which can be feasible and mediated from the resources available).

(CAR) announced to be the first of a kind X-NITIATIVES launched at a non-profit platform- with benefits of providing additional volunteered communication services. CAR operations works side-by-side the Marcharh's strongest core activities. The objectives of inquirers and recipients for this 'extra' services provided through Marcharh's resource, is dependent on the nature of case inquired and required, and where resource can only be useful and available to the recipients. Appointments can be communicated via email and limited booking is available.


To date- Marcharh's elected representative member had (CAR) interaction with five private consultations linking to major events. This consultations was provided at minimum interactions of 40 minutes, with further unrestricted
follow-ups communication.  The (CAR) contributes to also link inquirers (individuals or entities) from various backgrounds and field, to autonomous units of entities known and closely associated with Marcharh's source based. The advised units, and representative of individuals and entities in communication during the application of (CAR) can only guarantee the objectives of overall objectives sought by the 'inquirer' and by both Marcharh objectives and the associated links. Results are always independent from the efforts, resource utilized, and the full assistance provided at the most proficient execution by representatives. This assistance receives training (at best can be) and are audited for the performance.


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The Urgent Senior Advisor, UCSTEM, and UC3 are triple-roles playing important contribution to different communities and individuals who wishes and prefer to obtain the next best alternative 'aiding source' which can be addressed in a more secured environment. The premium security arise by a purely external platform which has been implemented. The external CAR initiative is an extra benefit for inquirers, which can obtain an actual alternative and actual external channel to your case provided. For a more prudent accountability impact, we will aid to your case and your information will be recorded with the necessary follow-up that can support your initiatives or your case. The cases and issues addressed must carry fitting values and fitting obligations commissioned at Marcharh Non-profit Organization Ltd. 

The datas and issues communicated are protected, and all communication receives protection by established standards. 
Especially, this external roles provided, and consulting service audits any issues, complex cases, strategy requiring mobilization of resources, working tasks or project investigations requiring a more directive and methodological analysis, and for any entities and for any individuals that hopes to receive clearer and/or useful consulting that can bring a form of 'aid'. The issues addressed are consulted on a case by case basis, often with an evaluation framed towards the objectives of the inquirers and a closer evaluation of the ways that had been sought and develop within the issues being addressed.
 When efforts are made by the inquirer to include accurate and fuller details, effective aiding can be better enabled with an effective consulting process to be perform by CAR members. 


Expression for CAR Service Guide and Instructions:

Contact CAR Members through booking platform and communicating clear-concise-content of your status and/or needed service:

  • Identification and case profile
  • Location of inquirer and location of case
  • If UCSTEM is chosen, include a precise area of working field. E.g. Health Sciences, General R&D, Technology and etc.
  • Useful info of concern by the inquired party (recommended to comment during submission) 
  • When Urgent Case (UC) is chosen, inquirer is recommended to state length of his/her case and scenario in faced. (eg. 3 months) 
  • If you are at academic field (provide institution), when you are a researcher or technical expert (provide ORCID ID or database reference) [this reference at the comment section, and by emails allow a much rapid response and efficient task to attend your case from the initial until the end phase]

A respond will be communicated to the inquirer, with a CAR member responding from the schedule availability.


Note: An official certified and verified form or template attachment can be use as an accredit source or reference, to support and to
          prove that the inquirer received a complete CAR assistance. Any vocal attachments, statements, or citation to CAR service
an official certification and verified form will subject the user or party identified to a penalty and misuse of information, and misuse
unethical acts protected by variant laws that prohibits false information and false usage or false representation.
includes outright ineligible references made.