The Positive Trends

The Improvement Trends

rethinking before reacting to influencers - support MICS again
marcharh is still very new, and thank you for giving Marcharh, and all its initiatives -- your true honest chances and true personal time with MICS so that the present sound activities has been equally known to be fair and worthy for your personal expectations; not others or his/theirs.
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Voice to Marcharh  
VOM promotes the hosting of feedback and immediate resolution reception, through MICS associated activities and trusted agents inside Marcharh. Any agents, civilians, agencies, to institutions interested in making a commentary or official action concerning the contribution and activities covered by Marcharh Initiative is highly encouraged to submit your expressions and intention at all times using the (VOM button - above).

VOM Conditions
The VOM communication is solely at the full responsibility use and a proper information sharing activity from both the public and private sector. This takes into account that the Marcharh has remained available to comply to the regulation of different authorities, international goals, and also made efforts taking considerate notice, playing a role as respectable members and entity. The public is also allowed to communicate and have access to useful information which is simultaneously responded from the civilian way and via the expectations of a "fair market".