Local aid personnels at the geographic regions are stabilised. 
The UAL platform (remain active for 7 days)
will continue to deliver the objectives and petition communicated by established community and organisation registered in the Indonesia act and manifesto for aiding. The links provided by these entities are associated to official(s) registered and published in Indonesia. 

The humanitarian and public community at South East Asia had raised numerous concerns (with inquiries to engage at the "triple/ripple disaster" recently faced at Indonesia). The CAR members and Head Organization therefore supports this urgency to share relevant information (that may not be entirely accessible at other regions, and where some news are unreported).

The updates includes resources by mapaction initiatives, and leading humanitarian entities which have provided their sources. This decision however does not conform(s) Marcharh Non-profit Org. as a charity or humanitarian branch directly.
The UAL is only to communicate and engage urgent cases, aligning to the call for increase initiative(s), coupled with immediate help which has been significantly informed (by reported numbers) from the event-site authorities and public citizens.

The UAL therefore serves to communicate and share with far-bound communities as well as interested parties who can bring more relief for the communities at Indonesia and Sulawesi:

1. to take account of the aligning objectives in improving the socio-ecological welfare conditions which has been greatly affected.
2. to bring back a more positive trajectory during the "aiding and rescue process".

NOTE: the final outcome of the response and initiative are dependent to the entities and institutions managing the aid services.

Hundred(s) international tourists and young students are buried under the rubbles. 


Thousands of homes and farms swept away.


Families, friends, and animals are unidentifiable or disconnected by communication- during and after disaster. 


Service disruption (logistics, energy/electricity services, telecommunication). 







aid funding channel here. 

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Immediate ACTIONS

REGISTRATION for volunteers to the disaster location requiring different kinds of aid