Reforming Sustainability for Workers Recovery Support for Practitioners    Re-inforcing Resiliency with MICS

MARCHARH is committed to ensuring that both public and private sector will be part of an honest process to ensure that our workers and future work delivery is also receiving a mutual support.
This mutuality will be built on the foundation of noble quality, mainly to help maintain the wellbeing of workers, and to improve their access to fundamental protection. 

Brimming with challenges, and an ever need to protect the welfare and improve the well-being (especially performance) of our workers – it’s the ultimate destination for people who are expert enough to understand the benefits of fulfilling MICS workers needs, and providing tailored support for meeting the aims of:




Partner Against Resiliency will Accept Deliveries of all support/endorse/partner and details of funded services to MICS at:


97 Preston's Rd
Poplar, London E14 9NP


If you had arranged a delivery and 
confirmed an order for MICS to obtain any
of the service and retail support, please 
ensure that you email a copy of your full order
details, and confirmation delivery (+evidence)
to :