MY   SCIENCE   MESSAGE   is a global developing program,
highlighting the part played by sustainability in science -
amongst the people livelihoods, amongst the scholar's talents, amongst the world's vision in science.



                                                                   MICS SHARING MISSION:
MICS fosters unity between different skilled parties working towards a common 
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) cause.



                                                                                                       Marcharh's Est. Structure:

M Network Operator: 
 @MICSBlig and Marcharh Check in Check Out CICO is defined as an operator of an electronics communications network or part thereof.

M Research Body:  Marcharh Initiative Center for Sustainable Solutions; while known in PT.EDT [Marcharh Iniciativa por Sustentabilidade], is the official research unit and predominantly a public available unit, classified non profit; whose main stakeholders is available for trusted participation by agencies and experts of decision makers in a sole reliable interest and investment in areas of ----:



|> P
rogramme de développement durable, les capacités en science et technologie   (FR Global)
|> Der Weltweiten Wissenschaftliche Nachhaltigkeitsagenda  (Other-Languages)       

M Service Provider:   Sustainability Science 1 Campaign [SS1] is defined as part of the Marcharh entity,

making use of an electronics 
communications network or part thereof to provide a service or services

on a commercial basis to 
third parties. 


Showcasing the Marcha®H 2017-2020 expertise, MICS can be one your scientific business, innovation, and academic friendly host or consort. We will consort with you on carefully crafted sustainable directions.

At MICS we understand your company, investment, and project will desire for a sound data management and good outcomes.
All these being said - more performed with a superior trust. 

Why Marcharh
Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015, "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" was a steaming issue addressed by 150 world leaders. Five years on, today is still a pressing action - especially at higher education.

This agenda is a fast-paced plan for people, planet, and different global targets.

Marcharh had RSI Wide Initiatives, assessed to be indispensable to work hand in hand with other agencies, institutions, and

MICS prioritizes themes at periods of 2017-2020 intersecting at broad SDGs domains, and looking into the science movement seriously