Come invest and procure our full solutions for your upcoming project, and horizon. Our SS1 can work aligning to your consortiums, new project, and enterprise platform.                                         Sustainability Science 1nnovate!                    Provided and reviewed by                              trusted sustainability experts.


  • The Sustainability Science includes mobilisation of students, early to advance researchers and teachers to participate in the communication and awareness with sustainability science.
  •  In some cases a network of civic agents and knowledgeable stakeholders will participate to invest in such curiosity, SDG interest, civic  participation and good science with an actual multidisciplinary. 
  • This was the first official network and activity spanning more than 6 projects, with a declaration at the first Peace Forum 2018.
  • The SS1 encourage all students, teachers, innovators, key change makers in the SDG themes to lead and accelerate the 
     varied themes in sustainability, science, and innovative education. 
  •  Highly selective scholars and talented leaders are chosen, including on the basis of the entire journey and motivation profile.



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Marcharh 2019 Public Preview