Building Retrofitting Best Practices - Promoting Energy Efficiency

Management of Energy Resources: Residential and Public Facilities

A Comparison of Architectural Floor Plans: Building Management Systems and Thermal Efficiency

Marcharh R19 is a broader innovation service including designers, key experts of industry, plus a number of affiliated organizations, including workers forming a concern for a quality ecosystem to your 
5 P(s): Product, Process, Promotion, Profit, and Protection.  

Marcharh R19 promote innovation activities and support public key industries stakeholder events (whether by metings, one - to - one, virtual meetups, stage presences, seminarial talks, etc.)

Sustainable Science is an all-inclusive undertaking

Marcharh Sustainable Science is a cohesive theme and practice that


bring positive changes

With approximately 13 projects in the various countries where we operate, we actively contribute to the development of sustainable science and 

sustainability science, promoting at both local level to tailored regional interventions (depending on the market interest), serving as a fundamental 

service provider to businesses, to other key clients invested to this (theme), and taking an involvement in sustainable impact.

being top in the world means:

Marcharh is one of the first establishment at the tipping point of sustainability science, and one of the only key business and scientific service provider 

during the periods of sustainability before 2020 and post. 
It owns a wide range of interested people globally, invested in
all aspects of sustainable impact and sustainable changes.