Many decision makers can become more committed to making the fittest to the best choices for the most obvious impact.
This lengthy sounded impact is based on the simple idea that when investing in Marcharh: investors and trustees have a true intention in dealing with active agents, and to trade in activities that are: 
>>> truly connected to the good-livelihoods of others, and
>>> a responsible decision has been always kept to the top pillar in spite of any changing terms in the world of SDG(s), science, or the way of doing businesses.

Our Practice of Accounting the Value Flows: 
Proper connections, mutual shared goals, responsible dealings, and sustainable livelihoods for agents and their affiliates. In short, "no one is voiced behind, and no professional matters and references is dealt without proper accounting". 

Transforming through Education:
Many actors of change and solutions seeker are curious in regards to science messages, and to answer the plight of different citizen class. Apart from the global socio-economic struggles, many agents and businesses continue to compete for a change in the sustainability agenda.
To compete in today’s SDG market, education is at the key expense of  most change agents and decision makers taking a stand for a sustainable planet. Marcharh is the place for people's education. Including: the education sector. 

Sustainability and science acts
for the planet.

While the education channels becomes one nice initiative,
than just good.

 For the service of the goal and maintaining the mission:

Marcharh works hand in hand with ACS   and being the first accredited servant leader after finishing several competencies path.  
The leader for both Marcharh and ACS  is therefore trained to the best, 
with an expectation to deliver the most desired outcome for all. At the same time, to deliver professional results to every customer, to every stakeholder, and to every investor. 
The board members (including the founding members), are open to participate in competition calls for capacity building roles; and have a predominant role to answering calls to new leadership positions.
The board members and operation members can subscribe or receive nomination for self-improvement courses. Such nomination and award helps to maintain (rather than just to drive) the whole mission, values, and orientation of Marcharh.

As a public citizen, public customer, and interested stakeholder or advocate of Marcharh: If (you) are interested to nominate any member for recognizable leadership initiatives which (Marcharh may not provide to our own workforce,
eg.), you are more than welcome to nominate any member to organizers and juries of training camps, seminars, professional workshops, meetings, and at any reliable professional training programs which can substantially help to retain the welfare quality and to improve the capacity building of any members . 

Additionally, a knowledge sharing event and chair roles can also be arranged with Marcharh participation (eg. )

All mentioned acts serves a greater good to the final public service. 

image: meta-driven examples (for public analyst use)