Accessibility with MICS

Marcharh Initiative Centre for Sustainable Solutions (MICS) has faced threats from countries and unthoughtful chaotic citizens such as being located at Malaysia, Singapore, India, Austria, and up to other European Countries since the year 2018. Some threats was highly dangerous - to as far as involving authorities who were separating contact with Marcharh and restraining Marcharh from any communication or trust with other agencies, businesses, or key decision makers. Another threat that happen at the recent periods of year 2021, was that MICS workers or any stakeholder affiliated to MICS was needing urgent help, to be save from harm (accusations) or an urgent intervention. Some countries spamming and hurting MICS has been found from: 

- Malaysia, Singapore, Asia, India - which led to more complications and damaging outcomes for
   MICS and damaging results to other innocent citizens at other parts of the world. Since this incident, MICS has
   strengthen the security affiliations and choices of investments, and take (firm) actions, whether one is proclaiming  
   to be a relative or a family member or a close network:

1. intently harming anyone associated to MICS or at the interest of MICS workers.
2. intently causing any conflict or work threats  (including behaviour) with regards to stakeholders of MICS.

Three years later, at year 2021: MICS application security and diligence to make "accessibility" for all visitors, all workers, and all clients becomes extremely complex and challenging. At the same time, MICS became one of the top sustainability science and SDG interlinkage businesses for global skilled security engineers to look and study into MICS activities and the main regulators behind MICS. 

At the UK, MICS Accessibility is proud to offer that we have design a special working arrangements and mode of communication which allow workers to work feeling safe and feeling accessible in both formal and informal working arrangements.


As of March 2021 for the safety for Europe and Marcharh UK: The following are red listed ban location, ban agencies, ban GOVT. ban regulators, ban GOVT. interventions or ban "operators" -- able to confirm any status and entry points to Marcharh.
Any proclaiming relative or
helping members from the following
countries is also strictly banned:


Middle East





*in exception of direct members and direct approved members affiliated to MICS and Marcharh key trust network.