" Most investors and interested participants will believe there is an urgent need to understand the challenges faced by sustainability-related activities. Begin and choose MICS, give it a go".

As a partner of Marcharh, you will help the world and education planet to be happier and healthier (at least by the year 2030). Both, index outcomes lead to the simultaneous activity to drive shared-missions, live shared-values, and to treat each member as part of the Marcharh community:

For USD$55 a month or USD$580 a year,  members:

  • Attend at least 1 Marcharh fellow event (annually).
  • Volunteer alongside like-minded individuals at Sustainability Days.
  • Receive invitations to events with high performance leaders and education experts. 
  • Receive the annually newsletter with exclusive updates and insights to member activities.
  • Access the ambassador community.
  • Receive 2030 honorary member at exclusive and very safe platforms.

During meetings and contractual partnerships, MICS investigations, research, and scientific development project uptakes three choices of typologies. These typologies is weighted with Return on Investment (ROI) ratios, and Weighted Risks with Payback Period and The Average Initiatives Competencies: