• Position (often voluntary) require flexible hours and customized plan to scope of duties depending on geographical task.
  • Able to travel for professional trips as/when needed. 
  • Able to adapt and practice transdisciplinary duties.
Marcharh Initiative is an Equal and Quality Opportunity Provider in the prime times of sustainability transition, and for science and technology.
Membership and research fellowship (or participation of an agreed format) with MICS department is governed on the basis of long-term motivation, personal merit, competence, recent professional experiences, scientific qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, color, religion, gender, national origin/ethnicity, veteran status, disability status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, physical disability or any other legally protected status.


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"I suffered with my friends when we were supported to a different place that I did not want to be. After the X-CAR Initiative, an old one i remembered for the importance of knowing a person face to face, and not hearing what was forced and thrown on me. Someone told me to always keep looking elsewhere, then to stay away from a specific project. I was having problem about my decision in a promising company that already showed interest to give me a job. I am grateful, that without the advise and support from one leader; I could not still survive or be at where I am. I wished I had the chance to be in contract to  improve the times of the services I consulted, but of course free service had limits, especially at our country. This one was too good to be true. But, thank you."  
- Nuno Figueireo (Mechanical Engineer, Portugal)

"I have both a Bachelor Energy and Masters Degree. How many times I looked and also asked, suddenly I find myself more confident and also a sense of appreciation. Surprised of what Marcharh is. Thank you for helping me to the honest version and best I can be." 
- Mohammad (Engineer, Iran)

 "When i searched for the details of Marcharh, is interesting and how important sustainable development is shared in a very direct and

feasible manner. I became more aware of the importance in energy, and will be exploring this area to enhance my knowledge and skills" - 
Kamille Byrd (Teacher - Houston)

 "So far, the activities passed on are helping me make my dreams come true"
-  Mithila Palkar (Engineer, New York)

 "I am delighted to also be referenced to and shared about other institutions and higher education activities. I am surprise people in the

education sector and also sustainability value my skills in GIS and Impact Assessment"

Alena Dutková (Senior Analyst, Czech) 

- "I believe that each person builds his/her own sustainability interest. The global challenges means togetherness, and make the world a

better place for living. This is not marcharh opinion. This is my solid opinion after being motivated, uplifted, and always nicely taken

care off by surprising member. Now I am already ahead doing my own engineering activity" 

Jakub Urban (Director Data Science, Czech) 

"I have a BSc. in Management. But I worked very hard to understand what are the social challenges and the different industry research

during my part time investment in my Masters. The members are very nice, in fact solid shapers making me understand that is okay to be where I came from and consider interdisciplinary research in different ways. At the same time, I consider my education very valuable and grateful to be given the chance and support to a cause that I could not have attain elsewhere. I am not in a hurry to finish my studies now, the more I look on with Marcharh service and opportunities, my life is so pragmatic, innovative, and I find a holistic view to being a professional"

Jaslyn Kang (Senior Training Crew, Malaysia 

"I major in computational mathematics and economics with a minor in Portuguese Studies. I personally know more about making a quality difference in my academic interest. Thank you Marcharh." 
Walker Hughes (Vice President Student Union, Utah)

"Over my long experience, I coordinated a decade in teaching, cooperative creative education, and also entrepreneurship for the students section. Whenever I get a hint of chance and solid time with Marcharh and also knowing truly the cohort of its leader, I found a better reality of tackling energy and sustainability challenges. This is visible also the way beautiful people share me courses, higher education units that enriches my potential academic pursuit, and helping me in new knowledge gaps and interesting design of my own student dissertation".  
- Elias Paula
 (PhD Entrepreneurship & Creative Education, Rio de Janeiro)

"I know MICS from the wellbeing course. I did not attend the webinar for heart to heart. I wished I did not missed that. After on I followed with the health-for-all activity. I also follow the center of research to enhance my own psychological and mental wellbeing work. They certainly are professionals people and very generous with ethical communication section of my own cases, and also generous with answering diligently to my enquiries".  
- Hanna Marques (Clinical PsychologistRio de Janeiro)


                                 SOME AVAILABLE SPECIAL POSITIONS 

R5 HIGHER EDUCATION COORDINATOR                                                       - ANY


CP2019IR1 SEECP | Systems of 
Energy, Environmental Forms, and the Corresponding Policies 
This project is intended to deal with the mechanisms of planning and organization of energy systems, environmental sustainability, and the perspective of policies, whose design and implementation is also addressing different scales for sustainability.

CP2019IR2 ESS      | Extended Solutions Systems 
This project is intended to deal with more advance mechanisms and complex activities of both planning and organization of tools, technology solutions, social management, and designs perspective which advances prior-implementation of sustainability. 

CP2019IE SETS       | Scientific Education and Transfer Management for Scholars 
This project is intended to deal with existing program and cross-cutting units, of both planning and organization of support networks, support solutions, social management, and responsive unit for scholars. The management team investigates built models, completed works and proposals submitted, including management of scientific dissemination process. 

CP2019BI FAPVIEWS   | Freedom Act, Protection of Accurate Validation and Intelligence Management, Emotions and
                                             Welfare Supports

This project is intended to deal with vulnerability paradigms, temptation settlements, existing complex organization, challenging societal and culture pressure influence, of both planning and organization of support networks, support solutions, validation management (without partisanship and overcoming purported burdens set by social expectations, societal pressure, behavioural clashes) threat prevention, and welfare support systems for wiser, more accurate, healthier, and more natural decision making in citizen both personal and professional paths.