• Position (often voluntary) require flexible hours and customized plan to scope of duties depending on geographical task.
  • Able to travel for professional trips as/when needed. 
  • Able to adapt and practice transdisciplinary duties.
Once registered, the system will use the a "service success profile" to assess your technical knowledge and experience. Thereafter, a stage 2 assessment will take place to explore your suitability to play a role "eg. administrative, columnist, technical research, designer, etc.". Key attributes will be define, and a career recommendation path will be charted for you (by request).

Marcharh Initiative is an Equal and Quality Opportunity Provider in the prime times of sustainability transition, and for science and technology.
Membership and research fellowship (or participation of an agreed format) with MICS department is governed on the basis of long-term motivation, personal merit, competence, recent professional experiences, scientific qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, color, religion, gender, national origin/ethnicity, veteran status, disability status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, physical disability or any other legally protected status.




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Marcharh lets "sustainability" being shared in an education setting, and scientific imagery.

Sustainability with Science is based on the principles of science for sustainability development - a continuous effort taking place even at academic front, and a collective responsibility.

MICS (physically, and in image wise) - appears small in figure.
MICS have a lackness of sight. Just like other companies and institutes of competitive nature worldwide.

If you are special, ace-up for new challenges, and exciting career development:
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Experience and trust - will make you to grow, to appreciate, and to become the professional you seek. 

Working here means you will be discovering one of the most trendy sustainable efforts, to practices on the internet; as well as off the internet. You will be interested to entertain more than 200 people
(of visitors in the database) every month.



is an initiative welcoming BOTH HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION AND A OPEN-MINDED RESEARCH FACILITY, bringing MARCHARH TCLEDO together closer to professors and researchers carrying mutual values clustered to Marcharh. 


It is a sustainability-focused arrangement, that also provides the University to enhance its own academic and scientific cooperation with Marcharh and having TCLEDO managed by the University agents or a proposed facility.


An institution that is rich in heritage, a university that is modern in approaches, or even a facility with a long history of Science can continue to make harmony and synthesis (often, demanding good ethics and very conducive dialogues between parties), aside from the conventional sharing for a sustainability trust. 

It is a simple carried out activity and will deliver mutual benefits to the adopter/hoster. 

EMAIL                        : execmics@marcharh.com

MAILING ADDRESS :  tba (April 2020)

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CP2019IR1 SEECP | Systems of 
Energy, Environmental Forms, and the Corresponding Policies 
This project is intended to deal with the mechanisms of planning and organization of energy systems, environmental sustainability, and the perspective of policies, whose design and implementation is also addressing different scales for sustainability.

CP2019IR2 ESS      | Extended Solutions Systems 
This project is intended to deal with more advance mechanisms and complex activities of both planning and organization of tools, technology solutions, social management, and designs perspective which advances prior-implementation of sustainability.