Current agenda 2018 and Supporting Initiatives

EVENTS         (associated to MNA and MICS initiative)

Notations of inquiries received : 

Our team value sharing answers to interview questions- mostly, showing interest to our organization and association. 
We thank you for your interest, and support. In this section, we briefly share you our answers, and this provides an overview 
and different form of news that may be of the interest for our important communicated parties. 
Amongst the receiving questions, short interviews, and messages of interest that we had receive and mostly receive

(similar questions by public community- students, users, participants, volunteers, scientists, sustainable leaders, etc.

  and our interested stakeholders such as investors, directors, advisors, partners, etc.) :

What are the challenging phases and current state of proposals? 

The MNA sustainable science was a difficult and important movement according to the model and support of other International Organisations which so effectively has made advances in the common values of "science and technology for sustainability". For the overall sustainability and usefulness of the cause that the MNA wishes to achieve, the MNA are currently receiving non-monetary benefits, and also requires mobilization of skillforce. We also hoped that leaderships roles can be attained better, and any parties showing interest and invited will see both short-term and long-term benefits. 

How do we get paid to join Marcharh? 

Your cost may be only defined in terms of 'time' and 'effort'. You have to firstly pass the process application stage (where there is a zero processing fee). Next, if your application and screening of profile has been approved, you will be provided opportunities to contribute and work on areas where you find fitting to your skills, experience, and interest. In the past, some lucky applicants, lucky experts, or parties can be head-hunted and not go through any strict documentation process. Recently, we adopted a micro-analysis system to any association or participation to Marcharh. This contributes to a verification stage. 

When and how I can contribute my skill? I like to help. 
We can arrange a schedule fitting to you and the areas that can be performed effectively.
There are also no specific rules to the number of hours. In fact, if you can attribute more hours and help for a long term position which may promote you to receiving a contracted position. Always, there are great opportunities to work on different skills and areas of interest, and to also perform leadership roles. For investors, business angels, institutions, groups, or any party wanting to contribute and help- we also need to find out what areas really interest you, what areas do not interest you, and what and how the resources you feel comfortable to contribute can be managed in the most effective and proficient manner. You will also receive direct contact and communication once we obtain a clear notification of your interest and your willingness to contribute and/or help. Emails and the contact us form in this website can be one pathway for any parties. If you receive formal invitation, you should respond with details of your area of your contribution and in which part can be interesting as well to develop areas that you are concern of. 

I still do not understand what I can do or how I can invest. Can you provide me fuller details?
In this website you had received plenty of reference to the initiatives and developments of Marcharh. Marcharh had and still pursues different fields with continuous improvement at several areas. The high standards and being an active participation in the development of our field. Such as- sustainable development goals SDG activities, sciencetific initiatives, and respond to several requests by different experts, by institutions, and by communities addressing areas at energy, environment, and urban sustainability. All these actions relates to advanced cooperation that holds beneficial interaction and cooperation between different stakeholders and members who perform the actions. To begin-with, you can explore the opportunities and establish your confidence or trust with consulting the leading roles associated to Marcharh and leading managing roles of the initiatives or projects. The coordination of Marcharh has continuous open-invitations to all entities, future members, partners, and investors in discussions, opening a negotiation, and consulting to the directions of building at areas that can be better in-tuned to the potential investment and potential developments.