Investment Brief

Minvest    |   Provides briefly, the potential of investing and
choosing Marcharh. Choose MICS

Since the year 2018–

MICS had faced financial restrainment; communication abuse; workers was mentally abused; workers was criticised and safety was severely jeopardised and business network was sabotaged (from Asia and specific regions in the world)

Resources remains scarce, investments remains zero, and the company continued to operate solely on hard work and determination by the main founder.

Emails manipulation and fraudulent restriction (distrust) was also caused by criminals to prevent any support and any trust to Marcharh rapidly at year 2020-2021.

Marcharh Investment means investing more for more people and more useful causes, cooperative to serve a sustainable planet and opening new pathways of education. Aside from utilising progressive technologies, MINVEST allows investors to pursue an old dream, current goal, or a building passion with actors of science, actors of SDG(s), and education actors. All: open to have more access to activities and initiatives for the planet. 

MICS agents develops and finishes innovative technology designs and makes low-cost engineering problems accessible, guaranteeing your business idea and also your new project to GAIN A SUSTAINABLE VALUE.

Impacts    |   SEA-ENCO-SPACE : Sustainable Energy Environment
                     and Economical Nexus Space

Minvest means your money truly serves the benefit for all. People, planet, and initiatives driven from inward of the capacity building of MICS and Marcharh up to the final end of society, agencies, institutions, and important economic sectors. Sea-enco-space is framed with the campaign partnership at  WSDPD2017.  From year 2019, your investment means your time, effort, enhanced proposals, and trust, is invested solely to sustainable outcomes and operation resources. Every planning and execution for sea-enco-space activity is updated to broader impacts with science and with sustainability.

Impacts      |   E2030 : Education 2030 

Minvest means your money continue to help and support MICS and Marcharh to remain dedicated to the development of sustainability for education in the campaign partnership with SDG2030. How? With new actors of sustainability science and mainly the higher education. Between year 2018-2020, Marcharh have set a 2 year commitment with the partnership campaign .

Resources    |   ACRE-M
Minvest means your money continue to provide access, make educational activities possible, and useful resources more accessible for MICS, Marcharh, and all partners and customers to obtain (ie. to-be educated from). ACRE-M ensures that the annual resources are accessible, useful, socially cohesive and relevant pertaining to the mission, values, and SDG(s).
Eg. National Strategy for HE (2011), The Role of NSD at EU Council (2015), UK SDG Strategy (2016),
        Policy Coherence for SDG (2017), 
Embedding Evaluation in National Policies (2018),
        SDG: Good Practices from Across Europe (2018),
        L'énergie et son évolution au Portugal. Un regard sur le siècle dernier (2018),
        SDG: Portugal Indicators (2019) is one of a knowledge platform and service platform which had recorded content users of all economic sectors, to engage in sustainable education. This engagement led to closing skills gaps - such as from higher education programs, to new events design, and to allow higher education practitioners and key agents inside higher education to earn a more updated university-level credit of participation, and building on evidence which drives sustainable education in universities and scientific workplaces. 

shares content worldwide, and this content is made as teaching to learning models, to grow over more than 


6,700 visitors/participants (with high exertion of practice at university, to research alliances, and new startups). 

Expand your investment to Marcharh Intitiative: Serving Sustainability for Today and Tomorrow, for All. Currently, MICS accept pounds transaction ranging from 100 to above at the following account details—

Manager Acnt Name: Xian Toh

Sortcode: 233272

Account Number: 69294246

—-supporting MICS is 2 way fold for the actors of science ——

Who are some of the actors of science that can work with MICS and benefit with MICS?

-    Academics who cares about studies, teaching and the equal opportunities via sustainability science. 

-     Practitioners of digitalisation.

- Cooperative academics who is invested in research, and knowledge transfer.



PWC (2015) one of the most trusted company in accounting and audit in the world, have provided an extensive statistics about businesses in SDG(s).

Minvest permits (without any discrimination) any of the deliverance intention or deliverance act communicated from:
----------> an investor
----------> acting agent or lead agent in initiative exchange agreement

----------> underwriter for unrestricted financial support to Minvest Mission

Unrestricted financial support schemes can be expressed and written in the professional document format from
the underwriter agent and his/her affiliated institution or private mutual values. 
Any successful Minvest and completed Minvest transaction will be published and must be disclose to the 
public community and entire Marcharh users of content
(to whose the services rendered is directly funded from the Minvest channel).


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Manager Acnt Name: Xian Toh

Sortcode: 233272

Account Number: 69294246


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