Student Campus welcomes college-level to university level academics and creative professionals to succeed in sustainability science:

Marcharh Initiative Center for Sustainable Solutions is recognized for its reliable sustainability knowledge, practice, and service provider to industry and to university.

Scientific Pathways

Student who registers and participates at MICS student campus will work in either fundamental science or applied science streams. 


Academic Pathways

Advanced postgrad students are allowed to perform more academic roles, suited for higher education - focusing in sustainability science.

MICS Academic Hub
The Academic Hub is one of the most revolutionary millennium academic union and academic hub in the world at the period of year 2020. Students will also explore off-campus self-development activities and interpersonal training, and explore different autonomies bodies of hobbies curated by the student campus.


Arts & Humanities        Business & Economics

Governance & Law        Mass Communication

Mathematics            Statistics                        Computer Science

Architecture                Civil Engineering  Facility Management

Psychology & Social S.  Education                      Public Health                Medicine

Earth & Planetary          Geology                          Biology                          Chemistry                      Physics            Mechanics                      ElectricalEngineering


Humanitarian & ORGs  Innovation & I.P

Data Science & AI          Operation Research

Modelling: Climate, Environmental, etc. Genetics & Moleculars

Built Environment/SC  Circular Economy        StructuralEngineering

Nanomedicine              Image Processing        EnvironmentalScience Energy, Renewables

Climate Science  Materials Engineering Robotics/Automation  Marine Studies              ProcessesTechnologies Analog & Digital Systems

With more than 5,500 journals and 3,200 textbooks, ACRE-M offers opportunities and academic resources for students on campus.

Exhibits the current open calls, current events linkage to the MICS goals, the SSI, the student campus activities, and all schedules pertaining to education

Professors of different levels and of different skills provides and shares relevant materials to support the student learning process.