Patents, professional technology products and other intellectual services: 

MICS have developed 2 mathematical models, 1 computational applications and a virtual laboratory prototype (DVIRTUG).


Transfer of knowledge and technology:

Other key MICS initiatives concerns solving environmental challenges and global reality goals:

1) A web-based platform developed for key stakeholders and public sector decision makers (key organisations, and also at ministerial level).

2)  Carbon Neutrality, Climate Neutrality, and Energy Efficiency as a Primary Service.

Kick-starter programs and concurrent sustainability initiatives:

2018  One major program has been develop for higher education: the ACS Center U
2019  One innovation provided by Marcharh to knowledge network is: the Green Mobility Solutions
2020  One major sustainability applications that has been develop for sustainable cities and sustainable communities: the Metavour
2021  One observatory in processing for helping other key organisations and academics of higher education.

Initiatives to support Collaboration in Research, Education, Knowledge Transfer, and Business with Science:

In line with industry key goals and conference organisers, MICS is a reputable initiative and institute to represent agencies and work with the interest of different economic sectors.


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