Alignment Practice (AP)

Marcharh gives a rare opportunity in the times of transformation of the 2020-2030 SDG Agenda. By being part of this paradigm, Marcharh waits responses from interested parties to also benefit from our resource, and to turn current technologies and turn new opportunities to drive progress in a more harmonious manner. We begin with strong foundations of non-profit operations, stemming from a think thank practice. Marcharh values smart, simple and fast technologies and experts to contribute together in this path, and making the 2020-2030 goals realized. Members which come to connection or questioning the possibility of receiving an audited competencies, dedication, and receiving repetitive chances; is among the softest potential and open door for the expert or party having interest to come to express and renew the AP. Feel free to come in contact with and align with our
positive-feeling practice :) 

The AP also gives the "momentary course" to explore and navigate paths where prior engagements or prior audits, has been confusing or still not clear for party to make an agreement or come to contract.

Appreciation of Imperfections Privacy Policy (APP)

Marcharh corrects any "un-inviting" text, information, images, or multimedia content that can portray inaccurate data, foul, violence, or information which is not suitable for a decision making. Marcharh will reject collected information and data from or even anyone showing full commitment to have not comply with privacy laws, inclusion rights, diversity rights, high quality standards, equality rights, and tied-bonds interest having a very high degree of bias information, bias judgement, or COLLECTIVE BIAS.

In cases of even a collective bias, and high degree of discrimination to a case --> Marcharh applies a special APP framework, especially with the clear high quality reasonable precautions which can and will take place. Marcharh communication and any policies will follow generally accepted industry standards to protect one, two, or more parties personal information / interest ; which aligns to the overall objective and mission statutes by Marcharh. 

No method of transmission over the internet, multimedia, online, telephone, postage - can be 100% secure without the direct 1-1 confirmation with Marcharh affiliates. Therefore, Marcharh strive to have a publicly acceptable service means to protect every party personal information, with the highest fairness and absolute security that we can promise, implement, but not guarantee (due to TRESPASSER action, and TRESPASSER intention -- which occurs commonly to other think thanks, associations, and orgs.) 

We strive to maintain private, commercial, and public communication and dissemination that truly aligns to the interest and safety between parties (and experts) involve with Marcharh, and in liaison with Marcharh. 
Lastly, the APP have the highest quality of decision makers which do not invest in
<no more reason, - use of time - use of resources - use of plans or new plans, to address sudden or new responses> 
These includes on manisfested responses or events that arise from:
1. identified imperfections
2. complex bias information
3. complex judgements
4. test(s) / trial(s) which are not deem applicable
5. trespasser(s) or valuation from private, public, and collective valuation.

6. outside or external recommendations which can over-ride a closed-case status.

Breach of Privacy Policy (BPP)

As Marcharh deals with several projects and partnerships communication; the public citizen and society is always expose to receiving outsiders or external unwanted, unsolicited e-mail sent with citation or reference to MARCHARH and its holdings, and the members of concern. 

It is noted that MARCHARH and the ACS R&D Centre is available to receive any forward copy of that e-mail, communication, or any online data with your comments to for review. has been a main point which is highly secured to deal with any first point  questions or complaints regarding our privacy statement or practices, public ethics, marketing distribution, partnership details, data concerns, and etc.

Send your details and sharing concerns with the title: “Privacy Enquiry” in the subject line and provide detail on your question, comments, feedbacks of any kind (including potential threat identified, or complaint of other service that Marcharh can help to address).

If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at

Immediate Strict Policy (ISP)

Marcharh ISP includes:

ISP1. Use License: 

Marcharh use license covers download, authorship, intellectual transfer, downloads, copy, references, link citations, and any personal to commercial use whether by distribution, or undisclosed formal agreement to Marcharh HQ. 
Under ISP USE LICENSE at, Marcharh HQ, and across links connected to MARCHARH HQ services and department, any type of user or visitor MUST COMPLY WITH:

1a. citation to Marcharh, acknowledgement to Marcharh if any material or content has been used (use - covers any kind, including
      communication and sharing of initiatives)
1b. public display or private display of Marcharh initiatives and activities should be updated with Marcharh HQ and contact channels. 

1c. new compilation or knowledge revisions, modifications, translations (by means of scientific or languages) mainly associated to each parts
      and "syntax" parts in and all assets of Marcharh HQ must obtain provision access, provision use, and
      acknowledging to the copyright terms statute at, with Mpoli contact centre, and Marcharh HQ agent.
1d. NO ACTIONS IN REMOVING of copyright, proprietary notations, and intellectual transfer (such as one example where contents, projects,
      initiatives, missions, objectives) are being mirrored to another entity or living human being (eg. an entity or living human being exposed
      specific value or project, to another entity or living human being -- with the fundamental intention of harm, threat, and breach of proprietary
      notations, value, or copyrights).

With all terms classified in 1a.,1b.,1c., and 1d., -- the user license will terminate automatically when there is any breach or failure of compliance. ; That includes all other policy license applicable and (in process) to the user and visitor at, Marcharh HQ, and all its intercepting assets proprietary. Upon terminating your license, and a strict access will be convene, users and visitors must destroy any further plans or strategy actions of downloading or obtaining materials and contents in any way for your un-licensed possession (whether in electronic or printed) format. 

P. Practical maturity steps
Before (YOU as a user, visitor, and potential partners or offer-making agents) meeting with a prospective client under 2 categories:
C1. external client not known at all to Marcharh HQ as an entity, and the controlling agents.
C2. Marcharh HQ, affiliates, or contact point of Marcharh Assets. 

These are the practical maturity steps that is highly expected and must be preached:
PA. the preparation and drafting of 
confidentiality agreement and making a formal meeting with both prospective clients
       (c1 & c2) 
PB. an agreement will take place in advance of the meeting or communication (c1 & c2). 
PC. if confidential information was then disclosed that was imparted at the meeting, the primary party (1st initiator) will be
       liable for breach of privacy use, the use terms classified here, and typical breach of confidence (that includes market trust).
PD. in any case, the 1st initiator or party has built a normal trust or normal confidence, and has been solicited by a trusted
       client (on mutual understanding, mutual confidence, and mutual neutral interest), this is an existing agreement; and can
        subject to the same terms mention above (PC.)

As a practical matter, Marcharh and elected agents, will consider in the ways the limiting of amount accurate information that you have imparted during the course of any meeting. Marcharh marks any documents that you provide to the meeting as confidential. Although this is not determinative of the status of the document, it is a useful indication that you intend or pursuit with the information about your idea, your proposal, and your very important communication to be treated as confidential (and at best: highly confidential).

Public User Engagement and Stakeholder Policy (PUESP)
How do we incorporate PUESP into our majority of user and stakeholder decision making process?

Integrating stakeholder feedback into Marcharh policy-making process is the nucleus of our integrity and code of mission. Marcharh have deadlines to meet, and we deliver promise only on the basis that our stakeholders have soughted sufficient insights to inform our next practices and our agreements.  

Marcharh continuously build policies to meet the needs of :
1. Marcharh community
2. The General community

Sometimes external stakeholders can share and make a feedback that our policy fails to address an issue that’s important to them. In other cases, the press draws attention to other similar gaps, and competitors interest. At the outset, the PUESP determines what types of stakeholders has Marcharh identified, and in what ways our information and services can be prioritize for engagement. We also take high responsibility in the process of our outreach to current and new stakeholders, and what feedback is documented (especially information which is not disclosed to Marcharh). 

Our engagement for the satisfaction of both communities therefore take a very fair and quality form :)
Marcharh appreciates convene group discussions, and dialogues that brings together stakeholders in particular regions or specific coinciding mission areas. High council members more often are capable to  generate ideas and providing updates to multiple stakeholders. And on occasion it also makes sense, that such stakeholders which come to contact with Marcharh and the knowledge platform; including visiting and its clustering services in different communication mode: will find and apply relevant solutions and thought-out plan in science, technology, co-operation activities, business models, and etc. 

Marcharh is one existing service provider and established centre, which is available to incorporate useful solutions and honest schemes, that enriches other organizations, individual initiatives, businesses, agencies, alliance networks, etc. Is very common (and often recorded more recently) that more wealthy seeking experts will want to incorporate and take profit from Marcharh updates and without incorporating feedback or sharing to Marcharh system, and Marcharh platform. This action more often severe ties and can cause more un-necessary modifications and inferiority tiers that takes place naturally during the development, co-operation, incubation, application, and finalization of any initiative or activity. 

Marcharh PUESP therefore covers the breadth of our mission to protect stakeholders and public user engagement in the most positive and nourishing way. As the scope of initiatives widens, and our sharing increases, so too will the scope of our engagement (whether known or not known). Marcharh appreciates the public actions and stakeholders feedback to refining our actions and any development process -- as we also participate together to realize both community typos engagement, and interests. 

For every interests: Marcharh focus on the principle of fairness, inclusiveness, expertise, continuity, and non-exploitation. 


Changes to This Privacy Statement (CPP) 

Marcharh changes to our privacy statement online and other places is made available to public, given our deem virtue so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. Marcharh and members reserve the right to modify to the privacy statement at any time, upon review is always open. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here,
by our membership platform, or by means of a notice on our home page prior to the change becoming effective.

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This is a binding agreement (“Terms”) between Marcharh HQ and all connecting and associated platforms online and the individual (“you” or “defined USER”) who registers herein and with a detected host address, for accessing and further use of all Marcharh's service, initiatives, and content (often - mostly in digital forms).  Your selected option defines your agreement to the next step of your use (with a clause and legit terms principled by each mention policy).