MICS preaches a policy and scientific activities for continuous improvement for society and inclusive citizens.
Where ethics are consistently challenged, and interest(s) of decision makers are conflicting to our themes of SDG(s):

At times; there is no guarantee that
 high standards of scientific activities, research, or public services can be up to par to today's "business world". MICS hence is an uncanny business. MICS, is an active agent and content provider for a long time, standing supporting other agent contributions. This delivered preach, is one of our true accounts of what we do together with society and institutions at the same time - for each individual (to the best as possible). 

Student Sustainability Ambassador Experience - "the PowerTech Milano, and as POLITEC always succeeds at - has been a long standing conference which truly gives an interdisciplinary and non-rivalry innovative space between academics research, most - applied at top EU industry. The Professors contributing here are very professional and respectful to the energy industry. Is more than just writing papers. The attendance effort makes up a good size conference to invest. I leave with a very open feeling here, and being well hosted by the committee members ". 

Committee rep. - "The receiving submissions was highly competitive, but we are non competitive in a sense we welcome originality, and have been able to convince our participants to move ahead with their proposals. Participants can walk off with more lessons in hand, prepared to answer challenges and nexuses in energy, economics, social studies, and plenty more. This motivates us to keep going what we can do best at Politecnico


Annual Northeast Power & Gas Markets Conference. This long-standing event attracts a variety of power generators, regulators, renewable, transmission, and pipeline companies to exchange best practices and gain cutting-edge knowledge about the Northeast energy markets.


An event organized with the Oil and Gas Council. Marcharh supports this investment and personal introduction by the Council Connect service, and thus allowing us to also share and invite the public to the event series and being part of the iCouncil peer-to-peer content platform. 

Don't miss this call to showcase your work and disseminate your project interest with top international BIOMASS community and inter-related industry pertaining to environment and energy. 
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Diverse Participants and Top Energy-Environment and Technology Sponsors from a wide-ranging background: researchers, engineers, technologists, standards organisations, policy and decision makers, financing institutions. 

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MICS members dedicated in technical engineering and physics training are excited to ................ .. 
Hear and Catch-up with:  

Eli Yablonovitch 

Father of the Photonic BandGap concept, and he coined the term "Photonic Crystal".   

                                         Sir John Brian Pendry renowned Physicist 
                                                      Royal Medal (2006) and Isaac Newton Medal (2013)

 M-ICS scholar:   "We are still breathing at a time which permits us to listen and appreciate great talks and beyond conventional perspectives of scientific thoughts. If you find yourself yawning in technical lectures and complex talks - then, you are either meant to be more scientific, or you are just not meant to be".  

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