Ethics M for All

Version: 20-Jan-2020.

Ethics M for All is the establishment corner, that any services related to compliance and use cases can be or will be reviewed to determined the risk of Marcharh services being accessible and used in a manner that is equitable to social and civilian rights. 

The Ethics M for All considers the World Bank Index and Common Social Enterprise Responsibility Indices, in doing ethical and acceptable services and formal businesses in any parts demanded globally:


services and perceptions to which governance and society interaction remain equal, with abiding rules of workers, volunteers, and rules of acceptance in contract enforcement and when a likelihood of cautionary events (ie. arranged terrorism). 


some of the guidance and accountability that Marcharh adopts together:

1. UN Guiding Principles on Business and
    Human Rights
2. SDG Compass
3. Guide for Business Action on the
4. SGE 21.
    Sistema de Gestión Ética y
    Socialmente Responsable
5. and etc. 


all services rendered is satisfactory and consistent to the shared values and agreed equity conditions. 

all services and operations for the services and meeting citizens covers a safe, to a reliable communication source.

These three areas is a downstream analysis: supplementing Marcharh a more timely information after a bibliographic analysis and desktop analysis in the scope of quality management.

Most management elements are highlighted in the report sample containing more than 3 continents experts in standards and frameworks for quality. These then helps Marcharh to extract three most relevant elements for Marcharh Ethics for All.