Compassion  Cooperation  Practices (CCP)

January 10, 2020

The CCP helps information users or readers of Marcharh content or any recent events to access to cooperative education for everyone, including different institutes – including different practitioners. The public seek to understand and to respect the unique needs and perspectives of the what compassion cooperation entails, and to how this value provides for a practitioner. To meet this goal:

  • >  Together with  Marcharh, all form of citizen and all form of institute or enterprise will prioritize non-bug,
        non-spam(like), and only cooperative (alike), and also only compassionate (alike) features.
        All these features shows that
        there is a reason for no further action or high urgence. This is because information and content providers
        that is useful and motivating to other different agents and to other citizens is protected by Marcharh.
  • >  Protected by Marcharh means that, Marcharh ensure that only "actions and best practices" of citizens or
        any companies, or any institutes will comply to cooperative obligations and compassionate obligations.

    >  Marcharh is one of the first established initiative, globally to provide the first step about this new practices
        as well as guaranteeing that the agents near Marcharh, actors near Marcharh, and any agencies or institutes
        near Marcharh is receiving the best knowledgeable source of corporate practice, best updated reliability 
        standards that is expected of, and the most relevant practice (that is free of illegal trade, private/independent
        unknown sources, free of mal-practice from invisible threats that happens in the market and among citizens).
  • >  CCP also ensures that the intentional action of "libel" :
        i.  (even via - the term called "wanted to help Marcharh, but in actual fact has no direct relation to Marcharh or
             without knowing real facts of cases")
        ii.  persuing other legal institutes or parliament chairs to act towards  Marcharh, or reporting Marcharh as
            a dobtful entity (is a libel).

        In above scenarios i. and ii., an actor or an agent can be marked as:
        un-compassionate, uncooperative, and impractical - and thus had also impacted nearing parties of Marcharh
        agents. Therefore, it is strictly established at year 2021, that Marcharh calls for the public attention that
        our CCP is an informative guide to encourage users of information to be more thoughtful and more 
        careful, as well as more respectful towards all nearing parties and towards nearing parties of Marcharh.

    Additionally: Marcharh has a reliable source of knowledge and practices to deal with data breach from the internal social media itself. For instance, there has been a rise of regular "spy, data scraping, and also profile scraping of board members or individual profile at social media. this led to severity of job applications, job prospects, and contacts leakage, as well as the "professional initiatives of a particular profile holder in social media" being compromised. there are also online data scrapers, and online malicious "fake friends" who are just in the contact list of a social media profile for the sake of data scraping, and obtaining inside information of a company, a board member, or anything pertaining to an icon" This has been highly noticeable of the recent months, and Marcharh is taking this "spying and DATA SCRAPING ACT as a notorious uncompassionate interference to the profile which was effected to nearing parties that are mentioned and nearing parties that are innocent, and all (of which indicates a distract act)".

    A recent case is that an icon with an excellent work profile and solid CV, could had been facing obstruction for a long time (or forever) due to the same cyber data spying and same cyber breach from the social media company itself, and the social media administrator.