Marcharh Advocate is an ongoing service from the Marcharh Initiative which is available to all, current deciding or undecided European, UK National, Regional Partners, or Individual Stakeholders interested in the areas of funding Research & Innovation (R&I) projects and to boost the sustainability goals led by Marcharh Initiative.

The reason for members to participate in this often results to better dissemination to end-users of R&I results, with a keen eye on capacity building opportunities. 

What Members Advocate is Expected to Perform?

  • Invest in consultancy activities, remotely with your own resources and consorts or trusted experts.
  • Provide at least 2 dissemination material (>620 words each) that you have already a R&I or sustainability idea and sustainability-related mission of your agency/institution/entity at hand.
  • Participate in informative meeting sessions.
  • An expert and administration fee of (32 euros | £ 28 ) will apply with benefits to ad-hoc services regarding the advocacy mission.  

How do you apply?

Obtain form and (MA)request from:   
Please note that due to the high number of applications, applications will take average 8-15 days for finalised process and formalized acceptance.

DOQHW is authorised by the SFA Authority complying to the Electronic Money Regulations 2011,
for any handling and management of electronic fund transfer. 

  • Is the first payment a one-time fee only? Yes.
  • Can I edit my proposal after the fee? Yes.
  • Can I apply or retain a copyright? Yes.
  • Can I print immediate business reference with Marcharh at once I register? Not until final approval and passing the examination.
  • Can I attached my personal entity logo and full details in my email signature? Yes.
  • Can I use my Marcharh Advocate credentials and references anywhere online? Only affiliates, approved, and completed services.


Health to Wellbeing Care 
Social and Welfare Transfer
Future Smart Cities 
Future Teaching 
Future Research
Sustainable Resources and Economics 

context access: (restricted to HP, HV members & endorsers)









Public agents and SDG change agents can also help to contribute relevant articles, cases, stories, and sustainability related themes.


How is Marcharh Advocate aligning with your economic sector and your agency?