(our very own MICS service line with a maturity and completion to service the public, private sector, and the professional institutes, tested and ready for over 825 days)

CECAR > CMS Course Management Services is responsible for the management, organization and provision of teaching services relating to various scientific disciples. To some extent, teaching and learning instructional program can align to the higher education degree and non-degree requirements at any global education facility and university. 

CECAR> SRS Scientific Residency Services normally includes accommodation, proper professional hosting services and competencies sharing at the minimum expected level of a higher education or accredited R&D facility provider. The SRS must be at least furnished, scientifically or academically equipped, and there is a regular monitoring for the scientific visitor and scientific advisory comfort.  Any HE and university, R&D facility, agencies, and business incubator can make an offer (or to express sincerely) to the Marcharh HQ and relevant contact point for arranging a SRS which validates the characteristic of the scientific environment (or even academic life) for any individual and targeted scholar which can belong to the arranged scientific department and scientific faculty.  SRS also covers hosting for consulates or professional consultants to work hand in hand with the agreement and tenureship at the resident service provider. 

                    CMADE (2018) and CFI (2019)

Reference: K5 Course 2019  
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