Marcharh Org. Exec Board Prologue:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Dear community, our first drop-in box received a perspective of our ORG. and how our platform may be a tool for strategic sectors and another institutional component for the SDG role. This is a motivating first impression, and yes we agree with the President R.I that the Marcharh operations is a place of "belonging" for individuals, to the public community, not limited to business entities, and always with a favourable cooperation to wide R&D system from different SDG activities. Marcharh ORG, in fact, has not been a standalone unit dependent on one core operations.  

With a dedicated effort from highly credible contributors- all was possible through a cooperative engagement of partners and extensive interdisciplinary initiatives. Accepting the 'drop-in September messages', we certainly hope as well that any associations and partners will be able to manage and experience this joint-venture with Marcharh ORG. 

As quoted- "trusting in the way our contribution has significantly articulated our mission with prudence."

Indeed, we have succeeded and dedicated to providing our engaged members and partners this simple and cost-free investment entrusted to us for a very long time. Supporting both Institution Policy Frameworks and our partner frameworks, we have trusted those. Before initiation, prior to, now, and in future: we maintain our concentration to establish a nourishing space which so effectively been proven to: 


1. conceived the missions and value-shared.

2. restoring every actor interest which confronts the SDG task and other systematic interventions ranging from several initiatives
R&D projects (meant to be marketed). 

3. serving our members and partners their objectives and providing a beneficiary service to the wider community where
becomes a unanimous criterion, taking account of the shared-values at several areas for both internal and external



We thank all and our followers for having to support and showing interest at T1: Science for Peace and Development since the year 2016.  We have filtered our key performance indicators from an extensive list after the two-year multi-purpose activity across different fields.    A daring, novel, and first of a kind non-profit activity contributed with different touches of considerate citizens:

What T1:SPD needs and what future actions are expected?
Since 1st August 2018, we extract key reflections important for these areas based on experience:

"the international digital linkages and #hash suggestions is tedious, but the confidence expressed in person 
  was much more valuable (by sense)" 

"we had only 1 main acting agent for our second initiative, this was an enormous risk. though an urgent call occurred, the event was well managed by immediate assistance of at least 4 external public facility responding"

"both initiatives applied widely by digitalization methods was moving, and engaged well with audience through the International Events (ie. WebSummit landing)"


"the map-pin developed by Science Museum becomes a useful tool, anonymously increasing and directing visitors to the Museum page and their activities (without acknowledgements for this advocacy and without forced initiation)"

"the initiatives shall not be entirely a charity cause- to be at expense of welfare during participation for initiatives, though the "act of kindness" became an enormous individual investment with supportive partners"

"the cost of the initiatives are: adaptiveness to our audience preference, public response, partner-to-partner acceptance rate"

"the valuation of the initiatives and our platform was made possible based on the effort-rate, time, and a whole-sum of a dedicated activity with an archived of a contributing performance to maintain the initiatives (over-riding any form of cost and externalities occurred)"

Marcharh ORG. have a task-force to disseminate:


Activities pioneering at the knowledge that T1: SPD has established: a preparatory activity that was made successful using a specific methodology which will be improve based on the "drop-in feedbacks, and motivations of our community".
Our multidisciplinary initiatives and activities serve our community working at all areas of sciences, always with SDG perspectives and with an accelerated efficiency to reach their objectives. 

Our first launch at year 2016, Marcharh Non-profit shared a video by the renowned Global Citizen.
One activities therefore had embraced this preach by actions of every member and partner.

                random acts of kindness help in the establishment of our peaceful and sustainable science development task(s)

For November and months to come, and for every day - our members and followers will always remain active and be engaged in the activities that was proposed from the T1:Science for Peace and Development Activities.
Aside from just "one day", "one moment", or at "one season"; T1: SPD aims to renew to maintain activities and perform on our WSDPD reflections for the entire month of November and beyond.
This engagement and initiatives of all kinds (at any given point of time and year) shall take perspectives of several parameters which autonomously functions at SDG-typos. 

Some updates following our set time frame and all kinds of resources which are greatly dependent on the board advisory:


- An integrated task force is declared to perform continuum actions, by only focusing on selected key performance
   indicators in our projects.

- The ORG. remains using a MICS specific methodology designed and researched to function for all activities.

- The MNA and Marcharh Org. continue commitments and partnerships at different global calls and global activities 

   at best possibility through a cause-sharing commune. 

- THE MNA digitalization activities (including the website www.marcharh.com "being the main content provider to several
   partners and institutions") is a modularity role to different projects and scientific cooperative activities (that are currently         being supervised, discussed at public events, and open meeting calls). 

- Our MNA ORG. and Non-profit Initiatives operates a simple and transparent non-profit digitalization platform, which has

   been recognized internationally as a hub and content provider specialized in the field of our mission.
- Marcharh open contents published at all platforms including www.marcharh.com 
(updated regularly)
  generator for example activities and investments at 
different SDG arenas . This open contents was a common act of
  prudence unanimously agreed by ten types of agents communicated with Marcharh Members, and serving for the
  interest of ten main types of agents:

                       1. policy decision makers
                       2. investors
                       3. industrial actors
                       4. socio-energy-environment causes workers

                       5. scholars and scientists of all maturity level and education background
                       6. stakeholders from private and public facilities actors

                       7.  stakeholders from value-sharing institutions (mostly clustered at SDG, and at different levels)

                       8. sustainability managers and leaders 

                       9.  technologists 

                      10. organizations board advisors (non-profit ngo.) 



 "We have a simple and dreamy way of delivering missions at a modern co-operative nature.

We choose to advocate our agents causes, their initiatives, and their activities intersecting in sustainability, sciences, and establishing a purposeful community from one region, to an intelligent city, and cooperative society at different continents.



We stand side-by-side performing for every agent dreams and turning it slowly into reality for all agents."

- T1:SPD, MICS, MNA, Marcharh Org. 

The aforementioned ten type of agents  are identified being proving their roles to the the SDG and
establishing a multi-disciplinary R&D innovation activity.
Amongst others which are also committed in the same mission,
we reference the efforts of the agents and events that took place during the T1:SPD 2016-2017
integration and implementation phase.
We identified, cited, shared their causes and advocate their purposeful activity:

COP 23 Bonn 

International Science Center and Museum Day

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  
Duke University

Economic and Social Research Society

European Sustainability Energy Week Initiatives
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

 Scholar Vein 

Italian Exhibition Group
IFEMA Madrid
Cancer Science Institute
Clean Energy Products Ltd. 
American College of Nutrition 
National Science Teacher Association 
The Economist
The Eventful Group
Formulation Science and Technology Group
Habitat for Humanity
International Rescue Committee 
Cuso International
Global Vision International
United Scientific Group 
Building Performance Institute Europe
Future Societies - Planet Tech - Web Summit
Svalbard Science 



Southern European Veterinary 
San Pablo CEU Andalucia
Sheffield Hallam University
University of Wales, Trinity
University of Warsaw
World Meteorological Association 
World Energy Congress
Global Energy Council
Solar Academy
University of Oslo
Energy Ireland
Energy Class Factory

*this list is not a confirmatory of all the active participatory of agents after T1:SPD completion


*C? What is C? 
  Yet to be 'complete'. Though, this C do not stand for completion. 
   This is our preferred approach introducing you (briefly) of our committed platform and committed members - which is framed for a long-term development serving  a defined purpose.
   This platform is subject to updates.



                                                                                                                  MONTHLY VISITOR DROP-BOX

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Here, you are free to send us your testimonials, feedbacks, and comments on any areas! If you had receive and witness any presentations of our members initiatives, we also welcome your message of recommendations and especially expressing your concerns or sharing that will be useful for discussions and serving to all stakeholders. MNA and Marcharh Organization Non-profit Ltd appreciates your visit.