08. August 2019
Marcharh Launch a Transformation of Pedagogy and Wellbeing Reflections to better support the world population, and in coordination to Marcharh earlier activities chartered with our SDG(s) priorities.

04. August 2019
Marcharh Activities and completed projects (regularly updated) covers a range of both sustainability and scientific action lines: Environment Systems. Advance Technology and Research. Global Resource and the Processes. Policy and the Settlements for Services, and Data Participation. Empowerment, Social-network access, and Well-being Management. MICS make decisions and active research on a regular occasion at several economic sectors. Lead researchers make close collaboration with external...
01. August 2019
ACS R&D have interesting viewpoints intersecting in their mission and decision making. *due to the highly unlikely occurrence of these developments, this post intends to help support our cluster.

31. July 2019
Marcharh anticipates World Energy Day 2019 and what is in store from historical moments to new developments.