Marcharh Organization operates through an international association in support of the initiatives and projects orientated towards sustainable solutions.

Marcharh Non-profit Initiative Centre for Sustainable Solutions (MICS) fosters unity between different skilled parties working towards a common Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) cause. 

Marcharh Non-profit Association (MNA) and Marcharh Initiatives operates at highly-complex periods, with an objective that time is always available for the establishment of an international peaceful scientific space,  safety and a harmonious organization during the sustainable development transition. MNA through its members, actively participates at sustainable interventions, and advocates initiatives strongly serving for the establishment of a peaceful innovation through science, technology, and different interventions during the changing periods regarding to SDG initiatives.

By example of our ACS R&D Centre and prior UAL with CAR services: Strategies of any kind whether by legislation, changing socio-economic paradigms or institutional forces, Marcharh platform is one setting -  inclusively responding to unformidable events and requests requiring immediate mobilization.

Both private and public efforts made at several phases of initiatives orientated towards a common values of 'sustainability', and its developments are recognised by the members associated to Marcharh elected council members. The MNA works harmoniously in a dynamic environment, from the sets of interventions and through a cause-sharing commune.


  Values of our workspace and some initiatives: 


Marcharh Multidisciplinary Activities and Non-profit Association is open for participatory membership to anyone* having both a professional and genuine interest in SDG initiative and peaceful science. Members can be individual, universities, corporations of any kind, private and public agencies including entities, institutions, and especially non-profit associations (wherein Marcharh is an Iniatitive-driven Entity). 







*Updated 22th May 2019      : with application of privacy policy applied, tighter conditions has been considered to the recruitment and availability (although for anyone- where limitations by exitence of 'certain case-by-case'  may still exist). A conclusive Terms and Conditions can be considered for 'exclusive cases' with great uncertainty effects. This T&C can be very 'sensitive' to the overall membership process  and recruitment. Decisions and considerations are dependent of the effect of the profile and specific case- (e.g. cases of highly complicated profiles, or background having any declaration of conflicting interest, and notable criminal records). Such case-by-case decisions will be proportionally adjusted to the effects of internal adjustments when a 'unordinary' scenario can occur. This T&C serves to maintain the alignment of objectives defined by Marcharh Non-profit and to maintain the overall code of practice defined with MICS.